Bitcoins vs legal world

If bitcoins are of interest to you – especially from the investigation point of view, then you can have a look at Computerworld 6-7/2015. It is a magazine in Czech language only.

Here are main points:

  • Bitcoin is not a currency in Czech Republic
  • According to Ministry of Finance transactions over 1 000 EUR are risky and transactions over 15 000 EUR are suspicious
  • Bitcoin related services are subject to VAT
  • Some Czech bitcoin exchanges voluntarily require customer identification, although it is not legally needed
  • Deanonymization is difficult. Main helpers are bitcoin address re-use, change address and bitcoin merging before larger transaction.
  • Criminals can use many ways to hide their tracks – generating many transactions on their own, merging bitcoins into large exchanges or using bitcoin laundry services.

Feel free to reach to me to discuss in more detail.

Article in Computerworld 6-7/2015 page 41
Computerworld 6-7/2015 page 41


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